Pendulum Scale Garage

I’ve been wanting a nice scale garage/photo backdrop for my RC projects for some time. Inspired by all the scale garages posted on sites like and I started to plan out my own.

I use Photoshop on a daily basis, so I had the idea to stitch images together to make the base wall art. Then I’ll go back later and add 3D tables, racks, etc. I printed the art onto fabric, then constructed a rough frame to staple it all to. The final size is 30″ x 48″.

Here’s where I am so far, two walls and a rough floor that needs painting. I have the third wall printed, I just need to make a frame for it. I want to adjust some things here and there, but happy so far. Took some test photos to figure out how I want to light it.

I’ll eventually mount some foam board behind the fabric, and cut out where the windows are so that I can project light through them.

(Update): I added a large garage door and a painted logo on one of the brick walls, and a concrete floor. I had a couple of walls printed by an office supply store. All of these files are available for purchase on my Gumroad store.

I use thin nylon fabric stretched over a wooden frame to create a soft box for diffused lighting, and an LED color bulb for accent lighting.