RC Project Cart

Like a lot of people, I have limited studio space in my house. Because of this, I like to have rolling storage for my art and hobby supplies. That way I can move things out of the way when I need to. This works amazingly well for RC project supplies. I keep this Artograph Art Cart parked in a closet until it’s time to build. There’s plenty of room for spray paints, covering film & iron, tools, charger, spare parts, etc. I keep a body or project in progress on the top as well. A Tamiya kit box fits easily on it. This one is 18W x 30L x 30H. Just large enough to hold 1/10 scale cars across the width, which I find very helpful. Sadly, I think these are out of production, but depending on your needs and space, there are many similar carts available on Amazon. Just make sure to check measurements before ordering, and try to find one that has lip or tub style shelves to keep all that RC goodness from sliding out onto the floor when rolling it around.